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Experienced Probate And Estate Litigators

Even the most close-knit families can run into severe disagreements after the death of a loved one. If you have become involved in a probate dispute, you may feel confused about the legal process you are now facing. We can help you sort through the critical issues.

At Moore, Virgadamo & Lynch, Ltd., our estate litigation attorneys have more than 120 years of collective legal experience helping Rhode Island residents with their estate and probate issues. We have a substantial case history in both local probate courts and the Rhode Island Superior Court, where we have assisted clients with many appeals. You can learn more by calling our Middletown office at 401-846-0120 and schedule your consultation.

Understanding Probate Disputes

Probate is the legal process through which wills are validated and assets are distributed. Disputes in this process can arise for several important reasons, including claims of undue influence on the deceased and disagreements over appointed guardians or conservators. Whatever the cause of your dispute, it is crucial that you seek out professional assistance to help you protect your rights.

In Rhode Island, probate courts are organized in each city and town. This organization means probate litigation is done at a local level. Our lawyers have decades of experience in these local courts and strong professional relationships with local courts.

Our law firm has been helping Newport County residents with their probate issues for more than 90 years. We have built a strong reputation in many local courtrooms, which we use to help our clients achieve the most favorable possible results.

Get Immediate Help By Contacting Us

To schedule a free initial consultation with one of our talented lawyers, please send us an email or call 401-846-0120. We offer evening and weekend appointments upon request.